Personal Responsibility In Delivering Excellence


PLAYERS PRIDE stands for showing personal responsibility when enjoying the best fan experience in golf. We ask that all attendees (volunteers, vendors, spectators and PGA TOUR staff) help deliver a Showcase of Excellence by keeping the course beautiful, clean and safe. Have fun, enjoy our great championship and witness history, but remember to show the same respect to those around you as the players show each other.


Each day, the PLAYERS PRIDE committee and Vice Chairs will distribute PLAYERS PRIDE chips to those they find displaying PLAYERS PRIDE throughout the day.

PLAYERS PRIDE Pin Recognition

Each day throughout tournament week, each committee chair will be asked to nominate the volunteer from their committee that best exemplifies PLAYERS PRIDE.

At the end of the tournament, PLAYERS PRIDE Committee Chair, Mark Haines, and the Vice Chairs will host a pin ceremony for those nominees who best exemplified PLAYERS PRIDE throughout the entire week. 20-25 volunteers will be awarded a PLAYERS PRIDE pin.

2022 PLAYERS PRIDE Award Winners

Adam Campbell
Course Prep
AJ Beson
Golf Carts
Albert Waters
Caren Walrath
Darlene’s Diner
Charlie Murray
Player Transportation
Chris Pontarelli
Denise Meissner
Patriots’ Outpost
Don Steele
Greg Schenkel
Tournament Support
Guy Ratzlaff
Spectator Information
Henry Ray
James Baker
Gallery Management
Jeff Rountree
Disabled Guest Services
Jeff Wheeler
17th Hospitality
John Cahalan
The Deck
Joyce Cahalan
The Deck
Judy Frick
16th Hospitality
Keith Edwards
General Parking
Kristin Smith
Lisa Kaspar
Player Transportation
Lyn Wasnew
Walking Scorer
Lynn Senkier
Disabled Guest Services
Max Glover
Past Chairman
Mike Cary
Disabled Guest Services
Pegeen Quinn
Player Escorts
Randy Righter
Richard Bradshaw
First Aid
Ryan Harrington
Gallery Management
Sara Ganczak
Scott Ecker
Scott Wooten
Shawn Fields
Spectator Information
Skip Wheeler
Gallery Management
Steve Faulk
Gallery Management
Susan Hitch
Gallery Management
Thomas Lee
Willie Sugar
Office Personnel