Volunteer Home

What is Darlene’s Diner?

Darlene’s Diner is a special concession area for volunteers located in Volunteer Village. This is for the exclusive use of credentialed volunteers; families and friends will not be permitted access.

Coffee is available in the morning in addition to a delicious home-style breakfast offered for a small cost between 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 am.

Reduced price lunch items will be available to all working volunteers during tournament hours. Darlene’s Diner i s CREDIT CARD ONLY.

Can I eat on-course?

Volunteers that are unable to return to Darlene's Diner for lunch will be given a lunch voucher good for a discounted meal at participating concession stands. Your Committee Chair will pass out your meal voucher when you check-in for the day. Vouchers are only provided to certain committees and are not excepted at our local food partners.

All volunteers are welcome to, and encouraged to, taste the food from one of more than 15 local food vendors on-site. Vouchers are not accepted at these food partners. Volunteers are responsible for covering the cost of food at these vendors.

Can I pay with cash on-course?

No, THE PLAYERS Championship is cashless. ONLY CREDIT CARDS will be accepted on course.