THE PLAYERS Championship equips St. Johns County Fire Rescue with four new emergency response drones

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Florida - Today THE PLAYERS Championship announced that St. Johns County Fire Rescue will be the recipient a $48,000 grant to fund the purchase of four emergency response drones.

Drones serve as indispensable tools for firefighters, significantly reducing risks and expediting response efforts. The new drones will relay real-time data such as the distribution of fire sources, the location of hazards and trapped people thereby enhancing the safety and efficacy of firefighting efforts in St. Johns County.

“We are confident that this new technology will lead to decreased property damage and increased safety for our personnel and the citizens of St. Johns County, and we are incredibly grateful to THE PLAYERS for providing this lifesaving donation,” stated Sean McGee, Acting Fire Chief, St. Johns County Fire Rescue.

St. Johns County Fire Rescue received the funding for the drones from THE PLAYERS Grant Program which provides the opportunity for local nonprofits to receive funding to permanently and vastly improve the local community.

“We recognize the essential role that first responders play in our community so anything we can do to show our gratitude and make their job easier and safer—we are proud to do,” stated Lee Smith, executive director of THE PLAYERS.

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