St. Francis House Receives Surprise Holiday Gift from THE PLAYERS Championship

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. - The St. Francis Housing Crisis Center recently received a surprise $50,000 donation from THE PLAYERS Championship, which will help the organization continue to provide shelter and services for homeless families in St. Johns County.

St. Francis House and Port in the Storm Homeless Youth Center assist men, women, families, and youth experiencing homelessness with shelter, comprehensive services and access to the resources and support they need to escape homelessness and maintain their housing.

“As more community members here in Northeast Florida find themselves in need of shelter, food and housing resources this holiday season, the team here at THE PLAYERS knew we had to help support this organization that does so much good for our local community. Our hope is that this gift will make the holiday season a little bit brighter here in Northeast Florida,” stated Emily Bellock, Director, Community Outreach THE PLAYERS.

St. Francis House is the only program of its kind in Northeast Florida, and they have been particularly impacted by the recent hurricanes in the region as many of the people they serve have been displaced from their own homes and their own facility sustained substantial damage as a result of the storms.

“We are so appreciative. These dollars will be going toward building onto our street outreach team. We want to add a person who will specifically be out there trying to engage our homeless youth and help them work towards a better future. This money will go to getting them the direct support that they need to help end their homelessness. Without organizations like THE PLAYERS, we would not be able to do all the fabulous work we do to get people off the streets and into their own homes again,” added Judy Dembowski, Executive Director of St. Augustine Society.

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