Grant Programs

THE PLAYERS Annual Grant Program

THE PLAYERS Annual Grant Program provides an opportunity for local nonprofits to receive funding to permanently and vastly improve the local community. Grant awards begin at $12,500, payable over multiple years.

Eligible organizations include the following:

To be considered for funding, an organization must meet several requirements:

THE PLAYERS Grant Program will return in summer 2023

Red Coat Community Grants

The Red Coats are a group of civic and corporate leaders who oversee and manage THE PLAYERS volunteer efforts as well as a special grant program for local nonprofits. The Red Coat grant program is designed to fund smaller projects for nonprofit organizations here in Northeast Florida. Red Coat Grants will be awarded in amounts between $2,000 and $12,500, payable in one lump sum.

To be considered for funding, organizations must:

Funds will not be granted for the following:

Required Documentation

If awarded a grant, recipients may identify THE PLAYERS as a contributor; provided, however, all such acknowledgments and promotions shall be subject to the prior approval of THE PLAYERS. This may be accomplished through newsletters, websites, events, annual reports, signage, interviews, etc. Recipients may not imply or infer an affiliation or association with, or endorsement, approval or recommendation by, PGA TOUR, THE PLAYERS or the Red Coats. THE PLAYERS will provide a copy of the logo for recipients to use.